Privacy policy

Information regarding the privacy policy

Smart Home And More's privacy policies describe the personal data we collect. Below is how we use that information.

1. What is the purpose of collecting personal information?

Once you have registered to receive the newsletter, a form will ask for your contact information and email address. Smart Home And More will provide you with the most recent and complete information once your personal data has been collected.

2. Chatbot feature

Clicking on the chatbot section will activate the chatbot feature. Also, your IP address will be collected. To sign up for the Facebook Messenger option, you will need to use your Facebook registration information. Smart Home And More will send you service newsletters and other promotional information. The Facebook ID will be saved for distribution via chatbot.

3. What information is collected?

Subscribe to Smart Home And More newsletter to receive information.

4. How long does the information stay stored?

What length of time will the information be kept? Many people are curious about how long personal information is stored. From the moment you became a member of the Smart Home And More notification system, until the time when you cancel your subscription, information is stored.

5. What purpose is the data collected?

For the following purposes, user information will be collected:

6. What are the uses of "cookies?"

Tracking cookies are made with cookies. You will be notified when Smart Home And More sends a cookie to your computer. You can disable cookies depending on your choice. Many features will be disabled if cookies are disabled. Your browsing experience will be slower because Smart Home And More features are not fully used.

7. Affiliate programs

Smart Home And More offer 3rd-party affiliate programs on its Blog. These programs offer products and promotional services from third parties. Customers' information is completely confidential on third-party websites. Smart Home And More will not take responsibility for the content of linked sites.

Smart Home And More is a collaborator in the Amazon Services LLC Affiliate Program. You can read our product reviews and see that they are useful. Click on the Amazon product recommendation link to purchase the products. We will be able to receive a small discount on the order value from the supplier. This is not a loss. It is an optional payment that allows us to keep the website running. This is an affiliate program.

8. External and internal links

You will see links to other websites and apps during the Smart Home And More reading review process. Don't worry. These links are safe and trustworthy and conform to user privacy policies.

9. Children below 13 years old

Smart Home And More do not permit children to be involved in any activity. Our website does not allow the collection of IP information or other data from children under 13. Any information relating to a child younger than 13 years old will be deleted immediately. If you notice any errors, please let us know.

10. Google advertising program

Smart Home And More can either use Google AdSense ads or publish a blog. Google is a third-party provider that uses cookies for advertising. If users don't want to use Google cookies, they can view Google's advertising privacy policy and content network to opt-out.

11. Privacy policy changes

Smart Home And More's privacy policies are subject to change without notice. To view the most recent information, you can access the privacy policy regularly. You have complied fully with Smart Home And More's privacy policy. Important changes, such as IP-related ones, will be displayed prominently on this website or sent directly to your email inbox.

Below is information about Smart Home And More's privacy policies. If you have any questions or need assistance with this privacy policy, please contact us.